Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Keep Those Things Away From Me - Novel

Stephen Walker, Keep Those Things Away From Me, arrow through heart, novel, black,white
It's finally here, my senses-shattering fourth novel. The third to feature that all-too gorgeous mad scientist Teena Rama, and the second to feature that all-too useless whipping boy Danny Yates.

Teena Rama's determined to get married. Danny Yates is determined to stop her. It can only lead to a series of events that endanger the survival of the whole human race.


One chest's battle with bureaucracy.

One man's battle with mirrors.

A fashion agent determined to get her woman.

A jungle lord who hunts the deadliest prey of all.

A megalomaniac who can only be accessed via a cancelled bus service.

And a man who'll solve any problem for a fiver.

If you can predict how this novel ends, I fear for you.

92,000 words.

Available from Amazon UK, Amazon.Com and all other worldwide branches of that organisation.
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