Wednesday 13 April 2016

Keep Those Things Away From Me - Novel

Stephen Walker, Keep Those Things Away From Me, arrow through heart, novel, black,white
It's finally here, my senses-shattering fourth novel. The third to feature that all-too gorgeous mad scientist Teena Rama, and the second to feature that all-too useless whipping boy Danny Yates.

Teena Rama's determined to get married. Danny Yates is determined to stop her. It can only lead to a series of events that endanger the survival of the whole human race.


One chest's battle with bureaucracy.

One man's battle with mirrors.

A fashion agent determined to get her woman.

A jungle lord who hunts the deadliest prey of all.

A megalomaniac who can only be accessed via a cancelled bus service.

And a man who'll solve any problem for a fiver.

If you can predict how this novel ends, I fear for you.

92,000 words.

Available from Amazon UK, Amazon.Com and all other worldwide branches of that organisation.


Floris said...


is there any chance this novel will be published and if so, when?
I read and bought the previous two books numerous times because I never seem to get them back. They're well worth it.
With highest regards,

Steve W. said...

Hi, Floris. Thanks for the praise. The book's currently available from Amazon, in Kindle format. It may become available in paperback form at some point but I can't say when.

Unknown said...

Hi Steve,

thanks for your reply. I'll try and get it of Amazon for now but would love to have a copy for when the power's out. Probably best to check back here once in a while to see how things are coming along. Greetings from the Netherlands and wishing you all the best,

Steve W. said...

Thanks, Floris. :)

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